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Elongated Skulls

The phenomenon of cranial deformation was a cultural practice shared by many different people in many parts of the world. In our ground breaking book, and the first one dedicated to this subject, David Hatcher Childress and I reviewed all the known literature and studies on the subject:

Available through David who is the publisher: HERE

And also via Amazon in both paperback and e-book formats: HERE

A second book is now in the works, authored by me, which will more specifically look at the elongated skulls found in Peru and Bolivia, from locations such as Paracas, Cusco and Tiwanaku. In order to make a proper scientific presentation carbon 14 and DNA studies will need to be conducted, and that is where you can play a major role.

Funding is required to conduct these tests, 700 US per carbon 14 and more for DNA, and any donation you wish to give via our Paypal donation button will ad you into the subscription section of this website. By obtaining at least one sample of each from every geographic location we can map where these people lived, when they existed, and where their ancestors came from.

The following are just a few examples of the elongated skulls being studied by Brien:

Tiwanaku Bolivia

Cusco Peru

Ica Peru

Paracas Peru

Other locations include Colca Canyon, Huaytara and Chavin de Huantar with more to be found, explored and analyzed.

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