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Inca Celebration Of The Sun Tour In June 2015


This June we have a special tour that includes participating in the 1000 year old tradition of the Inti Raymi in Cusco. As well as this spectacle, we will also be exploring the Nazca and Paracas area, with the famous Nazca lines and Elongated Skulls, the Sacred Valley of Peru, Lake Titicaca, Puma Punku and Tiwanaku, and, of course, Machu Pic'chu! Full itinerary and details HERE.

Check out our other upcoming tours, including ancient Mexico, HERE

We will be joined in June by Megalithomania's Hugh Newman and best selling author Andrew Collins on this amazing journey visiting, basically, every important ancient site in Peru and Bolivia. Full details and itinerary are HERE.


Recent interview with Andrew Collins​, Hugh Newman​ and Brien Foerster​ about ancient megaliths and human hybrids...

All 700 plus videos of mine, covering Machu Pic'chu, Nazca, Puma Punku, Tiwanaku, Easter Island, ancient Mexico, Egypt etc. can be seen on my Youtube Channel.

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We will be in Australia in August, giving talks about the Elongated Skull phenomenon as well as Lost Ancient High Technology of Peru, Bolivia and Egypt. Check out the details HERE.


In November we will host J.M. Allen who has authored many books about the idea that the island of Atlantis may have been in the highlands of Bolivia, and Hugh Newman will join us as well. Check out all of the details of this amazing and unique tour HERE.

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My latest book, above, and 15 others are available in both e-book format and paper back via Amazon.

Upcoming Events!

June 19 to 29 we welcome Hugh Newman, expert on earth energies, earth grids, dowsing and megalithic structures along with best selling author Andrew Collins to explore the ancient stone structures and elongated skulls of Peru and Bolivia. Full itinerary and details HERE. In August we will be in Australia, giving lectures in both Sydney and Melbourne along with Michael Tellinger and Steven and Evan Strong. Full itinerary and details are HERE. I recentl... continue reading

Subscriber Update For April 1, 2015

Hidden Inca Tours Subscriber Update For April 1, 2015   Greetings everyone! Our recent tour of Egypt and Lebanon was an amazing success, with many new discoveries as regards the antiquity of these places. We had 29 guests with us in Egypt, and 10 in Lebanon.   In Egypt, we made new discoveries as regards the composition of hard stone made to create the internal structures of the Giza pyramids. Our geologist Suzan Moore was able to identify most of the ston... continue reading

Newsletter For March 20, 2015

My new book, available through Amazon as an ebook HERE is presently #2 in Bolivia History, #3 in Bolivia Travel and #5 in South America History. The only book of its kind. The paperback version is also available HERE. Full details HERE My latest book “Elongated Skulls Of Peru And Bolivia: The Path Of Viracocha” is now available in paperback form HERE. It is the only book which goes beyond looking at the cranial deformation of human skulls, ... continue reading

May 2015: The Ultimate Elongated Skulls Of Peru And Bolivia Tour! And Another In June!

Consider the tour above in June if May does not work for you; full details HERE. MYSTERY OF THE ELONGATED SKULLS OF PERU AND BOLIVIA 2015 TOUR Mystery Of The Elongated Skulls Tour Of Peru And Bolivia May 4 To 13 2015 This will be the first tour of its kind; a thorough examination of where and when the elongated skull people lived in Peru and Bolivia. We will visit Paracas, the epicenter of this phenomenon of 2000 plus years ago, as well as seeing that... continue reading

The Room Of 10,000 Ancient Skulls In Lima Peru

In the Museum of Anthropology in Lima Peru, there is a large room which contains quite possibly the world’s largest collection of ancient human skulls, all presumably found in Peru itself. The fact that this country has thousands of years of cultural history, and thus graves, makes such a collection possible. Many it seems are from the Paracas area, south of the capital Lima. The Paracas culture are known around the world for their elaborate texti... continue reading

Elongated Skulls Of Peru And Bolivia: New Book In Progress

In 2011 David Hatcher Childress and I published the above book looking at the global phenomenon of artificial cranial deformation. In general, this process was only performed on high ranking members of society. At present I am working on what could be called volume 2; but with a specific emphasis on the elongated skulls of Peru and Bolivia, and their relationship to what is called the “path of Viracocha” which is both a road and energy band.... continue reading

“Ancient Aliens” Tour Of Peru And Bolivia June 19 To 29, 2015

ANCIENT ALIENS PERU & BOLIVIA TOUR 2015 Megalithomania and Hidden Inca Tours invite you on a once in a lifetime expedition Contact and deposit/payment information HERE June 19th – 29th 2015 + add-on to Nazca + add-on to Bolivia Join the stars of ‘Ancient Aliens’ (History Channel)Andrew Collins, Brien Foerster & Hugh Newman on a unique tour to examine and compare the great civilizations of Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, and the pr... continue reading

Medical Examination Of Elongated Skull And Skeleton In Cusco Peru

I was very fortunate to be part of a documentary, aired globally on the Science Channel which medically examined a very strange skeleton, whose skull is the size of its torso, found on top of a mountain in an ancient grave yard south of Cusco Peru. The skeleton, named Huayqui, which is the Inca language term for “friend” or “equal” was found by the director of the Ritos Andinas Museum, Sr. Renato while searching for small meteorit... continue reading

New Quadcopter Technology Allows Advanced Exploration Of Ancient Sites

Thanks to advanced quadcopter technology we can view the ancient sites of Peru as never before. Above is the place known as Qenqo (zig zag in the Inca language) which clearly shows Inca walls on the left and curving towards the top of the photo. However, the complex cut out areas in the bedrock can’t be adequately explained as being Inca, as the technology used is unknown, and the erosion of the surfaces is extreme. The above photo is a shot taken ... continue reading

The Strange Megalithic Site Of Saywite In Peru

4 hours west of Cusco Peru there is an amazing ancient site that most travelers never see; Saywite, which is just off of the side of the main highway. Its most famous feature is the carved stone seen above, supposedly created by the Inca culture between 1100 and 1500 AD. According to American engineer Arlan Andrews it was created by the Inca as a teaching facility for engineers to learn agricultural hydrology. As you can see in the details above, the crea... continue reading

Enigmas Regarding The Third Pyramid Of Giza In Egypt: So Called Menkaure

Often overlooked because of its small stature, the co called Menkaure pyramid at Giza is as intriguing as its better known giant neighbours. But why is it so much smaller? Here is a quote from National Geographic: ‘Perhaps there wasn’t enough room left at the Giza Plateau. Maybe the cost of building was too high.’ How can they presume that? The exterior is quite curious in that it is presumed to originally have had the lower courses ... continue reading
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