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Legacy: Vintage Photos Of Ancient Egypt Book

One of the great legacies we have as humans is that of Egypt. Show photos of iconic works such as the Sphinx or the Pyramids of Giza to anyone in any part of the world and they will instantly recognize and be able to name them. 3Egypt cover 5000 In this e-book, in progress, I am presenting to the reader about 250 vintage photos of ancient stone works by master Egyptian architects and stone masons. Some are famous, while others are lesser known, yet also fascinating.


Many people do not realize that the Sphinx, and many other structures have been almost completely buried in sand, in some cases more than once over the course of thousands of years...

colossus4 And others will not know that of the Colossi of Memnon, in Upper Egypt, the one on the left appears to be one piece of stone, quartzite, weighing at least 1000 tons, while the right one shows obvious repair... karnak (5) Also, the astonishing amount of damage to these sacred places is not known to most tourists or the general public. The structures, once the era of Dynastic Egyptians came to a close were systematically quarried by later people to construct other buildings.

abu simbel9

It is with gratitude that we must thank Egyptologists, the Egyptian government as well as foreign ones, along with the local people who did much of the physical work such as at Abu Simbel, where the entire massive stone structure had to be moved when the Aswan high dam was built.


Our wonderful guides from the Khemit School in Egypt will be joining us in Peru in September to explore with us the ancient wonders of Machu Picchu, Puma Punku and more. You can join us HERE.


Or should you wish to come on tour with us in late October, the details of that tour are HERE.

Videos of ancient Peru, Bolivia and Egypt are available for your viewing HERE.

Ancient Tunnel System Under The Giza Plateau Of Egypt

Entrance to the shaft at the back of the Sphinx Many people have speculated that there are rooms or chambers under the Sphinx in Egypt, more specifically somewhere under the front paws. On our recent trip in April 2014 with the Khemit School we had the Sphinx enclosure area to ourselves, as in group of about 14, and this arrangement was made by the Khemit School at quite a high cost. Stone covering the shaft entrance As you can see in the photo taken dur... continue reading

Elongated Skulls Of Paracas Peru: DNA Study Update

The Elongated Skulls of Paracas Peru have recently drawn international attention due to alleged DNA testing that was performed on some samples. Here are the facts… The late Lloyd Pye, of the Star Child Project received samples from an undisclosed source in April of 2011, but nothing was done with said samples until late 2013 when they were analyzed by an American based geneticist, whose initial findings stated: Whatever the sample labeled 3A has ca... continue reading

Could Ancient Peru And Egypt Have Been Connected?

Two of the most enigmatic areas in the world as regards ancient civilizations are Egypt and Peru/Bolivia. Egypt of course has the pyramids of the Giza Plateau, as well as many beautiful temples that were created by the Dynastic Egyptians. The pyramids appear to be FAR older…   Giza Plateau Peru has Machu Pic’chu, as well as megalithic works such as Sachsayhuaman and Ollantaytambo. Conventional thought is that the Inca constructed all thre... continue reading

The Enigma Of Puma Punku in Bolivia

Clearly one of the strangest and most misunderstood ancient sites in the world is that of Puma Punku, located at 13,000 feet in altitude and about 2 hours from Bolivia’s capitol city La Paz. Thought by conventional academics to have been created by the Tiwanaku culture between 100 and 900 AD, these scholars can not explain how the hard grey andesite stone was shaped with such amazing precision (some of the surfaces are within 2/10,000 of an inch of ... continue reading

Upcoming Books By Brien Foerster

Constant traveling and exploration allows Brien to constantly collect photos, video, oral tradition knowledge as well as insights from guests on tours. Therefore, the 13 books he has written so far, available in e-book format HERE and paperback HERE are just the beginning.     Upcoming books will be on the following topics:   1/ Aftershock: The story of a global event about 12,000 years ago which altered human history and was the end of the... continue reading

Lost Ancient High Technology Of Egypt Tour 2015

Our tour of Egypt, featuring exploring evidence of Lost Ancient High Technology is barely over, and now we are developing the itinerary for April of 2015 with the Khemit School. Stay tuned to see the details, or email me via the contact form on the bottom right of this page to see how you can join us. No other tour company can offer such a deep look into our mysterious past as can the Khemit School.  Watch our videos of what we have discovered in Egypt ... continue reading

Upcoming Grand Tours

We have 2 major tours of Peru and Bolivia coming up this year. The first is September 15 to October 2, and the details are HERE The second is October 27 to November 6, and all details about it are HERE  Previous tours have included Graham Hancock, David Hatcher Childress, Hugh Newman and Chris Dunn as guest hosts… When not doing tours or writing books, Brien is actively exploring Peru and Bolivia, as well as other parts of the world, in search of... continue reading


Greetings. This is the beginning of a blog, which I hope to add to every day where possible. As some of you may know, aside from the tours that I do and books that I write as well as videos I make, I am involved in research projects. Two which are underway at present are: 1/ Testing of the elongated skulls of Peru: samples are being processed at present by a Peruvian archaeologist to be sent to a genetics lab in the United States in order to begin trying t... continue reading

A Tale Of Two Lost Cities: Machu Picchu and Choquequirao

Machu Picchu, the lost city of the Inca, or at least that is how this citadel high in the Amazon borderlands is advertised to the world at large. Indeed, the Spanish conquistadors failed to find this masterpiece of ancient complex construction during their campaign of cultural exploitation and degradation beginning with their arrival on the shore of what was to become called Peru in 1532. This famous site caught the imagination of the world when National G... continue reading

Elongated Skulls Of Paracas: A People And Their World

Four hours drive south of Lima Peru lies the Paracas Peninsula, part of which is an ecological reserve, where one can see wildlife such as sea lions, and a myriad of various sea bird species. The area is amazingly rich in seafood, and abundant fresh water exists just below the surface of the desert sands. Therefore, it would seem to be a perfect place for people to live. Stone tools, of various forms and styles of shaping have been found in the area, and c... continue reading

Ollantaytambo: House of the Dawn; an Underestimated Inca Monument

The vast majority of visitor trips to Peru go something like this; land in Lima, the capital, tour around the city for a day, and then fly to Cusco. Once there, while adjusting to the 12,000 foot plus altitude, a walk through the historic city center is a must, and then, the next day, take in Sachsayhuaman, the “fortress” of the Inca perched on a hill overlooking the city. But the main attraction still awaits; a fabled “lost city” abandoned by the Inca in ... continue reading
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